Tourism in Spain is Booming With Record Figures

Tourism in Spain is Booming With Record Figures

Tourism in Spain is booming like never before with statistics revealing that the number of tourists coming to Spain is rising strongly.

It seems that everybody wants to visit Spain, especially the British, French and Germans.

According to the statistics department in Madrid 76 million tourists came to the EU country in 2016.

Due to the tourism boom the prices are growing rapidly and holidays in the sunny country are going to be more expensive this year.

On the island of Mallorca, which is especially popular with German tourists double price increases were noted.

Those who still want to snatch a bed on the Mediterranean island are advised to book very early.

Even if the prices increased this year some of the beds in Mallorca are already sold out during the high season according to experts in the travel industry.

But Spain’s most favourite travel regions are still Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Barcelona.

Beach Tenerife Spain

Other popular destinations in Spain include the Canary Islands, with Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote topping the list.

The Canary Islands attract many visitors due to the eternal warm spring climate all year long and are specifically in winter a great destination.

Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, the Balearic Islands were immensely crowded during the last summer.

Overall tourism in Spain has seen the British number one with 18 million visitors per year followed by the French and Germans.

The Spanish job market is also recovering due to the tourism boom with the unemployment rate decreasing to 19 percent.

After terrorism attacks in France, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt more tourists are avoiding these destinations and prefer Spain.

“Four to Five Million Spanish visitors in the year 2016 are so-called borrowed tourists, which changed reservations from North Africa due to terror fear”, according to the manager of the hotel chain Melia, Gabriel Escarrer.

The hotel manager is warning not to rest on this tourism increase but to invest the latest profits into the future to become an attractive, qualitative and sustainable travel destination independent from sun and the beach.

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