The Growing Trend Towards Home Education in The UK

The Growing Trend Towards Home Education in The UK

Home Education is becoming more and more popular within the UK currently. This is usually due to the fact that a lot of parents prefer being fully responsible for the education of their children rather than relying on the education system. That however still doesn’t answer the question what does Home Education actually entail? The truth is it’s almost impossible to answer as the UK law dictates that the level of and form of education provided must be suited completely to the needs of each and every individual.

The Biggest issue seen with Home education has always been the concept of the lack of socialisation. However this is nothing more than an urban myth. I remember being a child and going to school wasn’t the only place I met friends. I was in several social clubs and due to its more relaxed and friendly atmosphere I had the confidence to speak to openly to new people.

One of the biggest known reasons for Home Education is the fear of bullying. The truth of the matter is that in today’s world with online chat groups you’re just as likely to be bullied behind a computer screen then you are in a school playground. Every person is entitled to their own beliefs but i think that it’s best to acknowledge what a bully is and how to ignore them at any early age as they exist far throughout education and beyond.

The 1996 Education Act in Wales and England states that it is the parent’s responsibility to provide education “at school or otherwise”, which must suit the ability, age and aptitude of each individual. This essentially means that it is the families duty to ensure that their children get the best and most appropriate form of education for themselves. This means that their is no set curriculum to teach from, no set hours, no needed special qualifications to teach. This allows the parents to offer the most appropriate way to educate their child be it via educational books from the library or other resources such as the internet.

If you are currently reading this thinking that Home Education is ideal for your family it is imperative to note that you must first inform you child’s headmaster is writing, that you will be removing your son and the reasons for doing so. This is essential as the headmaster shall than inform the Local Children’s Services (LEA).

It is also important to note that at some point the Education Welfare Service will more than probably contact you just to ensure that you are indeed providing an education suitable to the needs of your child. If however they are unhappy with the services provided they can issue a School attendance Order which will force you to enrol your child in one of the given schools establishments.

Before doing anything make sure you go and see what your local council can offer to help with home education. They can also help if your child requires as special needs which requires you to educate them from home.

Does it Work? The answer completely depends on what it is you and your children specifically need. If you feel like the education system is failing the national youth and that you can provide a better form of education for your children then do it. It is important to note that everybody is different and everybody lives in different ways and have different needs. Just make sure that before any decision is make you speak to you child first and see what is they need as an individual to make an informed decision

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