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The Costa Del Sol; Home Away From Home


The Costa Del Sol; Home Away From Home

The Costa Del Sol; Home Away From Home

When I was fourteen years old I left the cold and damp UK for the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol. I became immersed in the Andalusian culture, learnt about its rich history, enjoyed the gastronomy and its natural surroundings.

Spain has always been known for its iconic gastronomy. Dishes like tortilla de patatas, jamon serrano and paella. As Spain is located within the Mediterranean, many restaurants and Chiringuitos (beach bars) are well known for their fresh seafood.

A common refreshment is gazpacho: a cold tomato soup, a perfectly refreshing drink for a summers day. Or my personal favourites: churros, perfect for those sweet-toothed individuals. Churros is a fried dough pastry with a milk or white chocolate filing just make sure you don’t give any of your friends a bite as they will try to eat the whole thing!

Churros, a fried-dough pastry popular in Spain

Churros, a fried-dough pastry popular in Spain

If you do indulge too much however that isn’t a problem as the Costal del Sol is know for both its Padel and Golf to burn those extra calories off. Padel isn’t very well known but its an Argentinian sport perfect for people who love Tennis, Squash or any other racket based sport. The game itself is similar to Tennis as there is a net and the ball can only bounce once.

The court however is much shorter and there and walls covering all sides of the court, the ball can bounce off the wall and then be played back directly into play. The score format is identical tennis with 6 games required to win a set.

New Boulevard in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella

New Boulevard in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella

Padel however isn’t the most popular sport played within the Costa del Sol. No matter where you drive there will always be a Golf course located within at most a 20 minute drive from your current location.

Golf is a very popular sport for expats and is perfect for enjoying a bright tranquil day with friends. If however your’e not overly confident in your Golf abilities or have never played before you can either practice on the chipping, putting, driving range or hire an instructor and see just how good you could become.

After you’ve built up a sweat or in my case enjoyed a few club sandwiches in the lounge, experience the majestic beaches and find your own personal paradise here on the Cost del Sol. There is a beach to suit every last one of your needs, some more solitary and busy and others bustling with life.

From the flat stretches of sand in Guadiaro to the huge mountainous dunes in Tarifa. Calm winds perfect for people looking to relax and sunbathe and windy conditions ideal for those thrill seekers looking to kite-surf. A beach for every last individuals needs.

If however the sun ends up becoming too much for you and you feel like you need an escape away from the heat just a short drive away from Granada you can reach the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada. That’s right you could beach one day relaxing one day then skiing down the slopes the very next.

During the summer when its not possible to ski Sierra Nevada still offers activities such as horse-riding, cycling, walking and mountain climbing. Also this March, Sierra Nevada will be holding for its first ever time the FIS freestyle ski and snowboarding championships with some of the world-s best athletes competing.

During the final stages of your trip you might start to become a little bit homesick but don’t worry. Located in the south of Spain there is a small British colony called Gibraltar filled with shops and products that you could only get back in the UK such as Morrison’s and Mark’s and Spencer’s.

Views to Africa from The Rock in Gibraltar

Views to Africa from The Rock in Gibraltar

Gibraltar retains all the best parts of being British within the glory of the Spanish weather. Visit the St Michael Caves and go on top of the iconic Rock and enjoy the majestic views of southern Spain and Africa from above and most importantly enjoy some traditional fish and chips.

Gibraltar is the perfect final stop of your journey after a nice peaceful time abroad relaxing in the Costal Del Sol, a place perfect for anyone be it to come and party with friends or to just simply unwind and refresh your senses. There-s something here to be found for everyone on the Costal Del Sol, home away home.

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