Public Schools vs Private Schools; Where Your Money Goes and How it Benefits Your Children

Public Schools vs Private Schools; Where Your Money Goes and How it Benefits Your Children

School is one of if not the most defining time in every person’s life. It teaches us how to behave in society, how to make friends, how to be respect others and how to respect ourselves. For this reason every last parent should know the differences between both public and private schools. Yes there are many differences that the general population are aware of but there are also a few subtle differences which parents ignore.

So i guess the question you are asking is “Whats better for my child?” the truth is its extremely hard to answer because it completely depends on your own personal needs. Most people tend to be biased for one side or the other either assuming that public schools offer more specifically designed programs and offer my real life experiences to take into the real world.

Whilst people who prefer private schools claim that they are better in every aspect due to the cost of their tuition fees which results in a higher level of education. Throughout this article i shall not be picking sides because the answer is completely subjective.

Instead, I shall be simply outlying the subtle differences between the two to give you the reader the opportunity to make an informed decision, regarding the most influential period of your children’s life’s.

Distinctions between Private and Public schools

Now one of the main distinctions between public and private school is that by law all public schools must accept every child is comparison to private schools which are selective and have a long selection / interview process.

It is however important to note that with public schools you may not always manage to enroll your child at your primary choice of school. This is due to the fact that many public schools don’t posses to funds available to help many children with learning disabilities or with other impairments so be sure to research prior.

Another common distinction between the two is the differences within the class sizes. Now it is important to note that in general most public schools do seat more children in one classroom then private schools but private schools are under no constraints to keep their classes with a small amount of students. So again ensure that you research first.

Resources for children with special needs

It is also importance to highlight the differences between the services provided for children with special needs. Now it is true that there are private schools which were created solely for children with special needs a vast majority of them don’t accept them.

This is in stark contrast to public schools which have been taught by the state to ensure that they know how to teach children with special needs to ensure they get the best level of education available to them.

So which is actually better?

So what’s better? well the truth is only you know the answer to that. All that i can say is don’t listen to neighbors or friends, rumors.

In order to make the best choice you need to see what it is your children actually need and then do the research ask the teachers questions and find out which establishment offers the best resources for your children’s specific needs.

It is important to always remember that the school rated number one in the country may not always be the best school for your child.

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