Portugal is Fast Becoming a Prime Travel and Work Abroad Destination

Portugal is Fast Becoming a Prime Travel and Work Abroad Destination

In the past years Portugal has become a favorite destination especially for young people to travel, live and work. Every year, Portugal attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

Portugal offers an endless amount of options, including fancy bars and clubs with Latino music, many museums, delicious restaurants with mouth-watering “frango” (chicken) and tartlet called “Pastel de natas”, beautiful beaches and great opportunities to work abroad and gain new experiences.

Another interesting trend is that more and more travelers are coming to Portugal to also find a job. It is always a good experience to work and live abroad for at least 6 months.

You learn a lot about a new culture, the country and people, meet new friends and colleagues and it is always a plus in your CV when you can indicate have been living and working abroad.

Currently many companies in Portugal are searching for multi-lingual workers to work for example in big call-center companies, restaurants, hotels and in the education system. If you speak more than two languages it is definitely a plus and you should consider to apply for a job in Portugal.

Rossio square in Lisbon Portugal at sunset
Rossio square in Lisbon Portugal at sunset

Especially people with language skills as such English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish are needed. If you posses a TEFL/TESOL certificate or a similar teaching certificate, you will also be able to find a job in a language academy or school as an English teacher for example. This certificate you can achieve online and this will be your first step living and working abroad.

What can be better than discovering your new home and travelling to beautiful places and Portugal has a lot of them to offer! For example, the amazing beaches in “Carcavelos” or “Cascais” in Lisbon.

Carcavelos is around 40 minutes by train from the Cais do Sodré Metro Station away. The beach is famous for its surfers and the stunning sunsets. Especially in summer at weekends the beach is crowded by people taking sunbath and surfers showing their best rides on the waves.

Take a nice walk through the city center of Lisbon, sit in one of the inviting cafeterias while trying the famous Portuguese “Pastel de natas”, which is a small tartlet filled with sweet vanilla cream and afterwards go out in the evening in “Bairro Alto”, where you will find many fancy bars and clubs.

Don´t forget to join one of the unforgettable Rooftop-Bars, as for example the “Park Bar”, from where you will have an awesome view or Lisbon and the “Vasco da Gama” bridge. What you definitely should not miss on your list is to visit the beautiful town of Porto, less than three hours by train from Lisbon.

Another important place to visit is “Setubal”, where you will find the beautiful “Troia” beach with its stunning views, green hills surrounded by deep blue water. Another highlight is the Algarve, definitely a visit worth especially in the hot summer times.

As you see Portugal is always a great destination to travel, to live and to work, especially when you are young and adventurous.

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