New Report Reveals What Drives Generation Z to Study Abroad

New Report Reveals What Drives Generation Z to Study Abroad

The opportunity of new cultural experiences is what drives young students to study abroad, new survey finds.

The new report entitled ‘Mapping Generation Z’ aims to explore the “motivations for and hindrances to international study among the mysterious youngest generation” reads the executive summary.

Around 60 per cent of all respondents were considering a study exchange, with culture being a bigger attraction than a specific academic advancement.

The study, conducted by AFS Intercultural Programs, also revealed the perceived hindrances to studying abroad, with over half (52 per cent) concerned about safety and security.

Other perceived hindrances included fear of isolation (50 per cent), homesickness (48 per cent) and discrimination (34 per cent) as well as tuition fees (33 per cent of students in developing countries and 15 per cent in advanced economies).

Another interesting find from the survey is that English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia are the most sough-after study destinations with a major 77 per cent of participants favoring them.

The survey polled 5,255 individuals, aged 13-18 from 27 countries.

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