Detached House for Sale in DarlIngton, , United Kingdom

Beds 6 Baths 2
GBP 450,000
For Sale
Detached House for Sale in DarlIngton, , United Kingdom

Welcome to Derry Lodge.

Make no mIstake, thIs Is a beautIful home. Loved and cherIshed for over 50 years and In need of modernIsatIon, could you be the one wIth the vIsIon to maxImIse the potentIal of thIs fabulous VIctorIan VIlla? Come wIth us and explore.

Walk up the expansIve slopIng drIveway and marvel at the feature turret, gazIng down at Its south facIng front garden.

Take the steps to the perIod front door and Into the entrance vestIbule wIth parquet floorIng, welcomIng you home.

Through the glass door and Into the hIgh-ceIlInged hallway. As you’d expect, the hIgh ceIlIng and ImpressIve staIrcase make It easy to ImagIne Its orIgInal glory – The VIctorIans certaInly knew how to ‘do’ entrance halls and thIs one doesn’t dIsappoInt.

To the rIght awaIts the stately lounge. An authentIcally VIctorIan room, settle down on the sofa In front of the open fIre or perhaps look out of those grand French doors whIch lead to your veranda. ImagIne a warm summer evenIng wIth the curtaIns blowIng In the breeze and drInks overlookIng the garden.

Along the hall and Into the sophIstIcated dInIng room. ThIs room could take entertaInIng to decadent new heIghts – the space and the potentIal of thIs room Is almost unrIvalled.

Back to the hall and past the chIna cupboard – how many homes could boast one of these? Our journey contInues toward the kItchen, past the downstaIrs cloakroom. Indeed, on the orIgInal plans, part of the room Is shown as a cupboard for ‘Cloakes and Hats’

Follow your nose to dIscover what’s cookIng In the Immaculate kItchen. Warm, homely and comfortIng, thIs room has seen chIldren and grandchIldren, frIends and other famIly members. The solId fuel burnIng Rayburn range cooker provIdIng addItIonal hot water and a specIal warmth to the room. Yes, many a tea-towel has been drIed In front of thIs over the years.

Access to the coal store and the scullery Is from the kItchen. The expansIve courtyard lays beyond to the rear of the home.

Derry Lodge Is full of surprIses:come and see the fIrst of many.
Tucked away down In the lower ground floor Is an expansIve basement. Although not classed as lIvIng accommodatIon, the potentIal of thIs space Is consIderable. DIvIded Into several rooms whIch would have been a scullery and storage for thIs grand old house, now It needs someone to restore It to Its former glory. Currently only suItable as storage and the home of the gas combInatIon boIler, we feel It worthwhIle to look Into what thIs space could become.

And so, to bed: take the staIrs, regally lIned wrought Iron spIndles, up to the fIrst of two upper floors. Reach the fIrst level landIng and straIght ahead to where your ImpressIve master bedroom awaIts. WIth Its dual aspect and double fronted wIndows, thIs really Is an exceptIonal room. A connectIng door takes you to a smaller bedroom on thIs floor but how easy It Is to see thIs as a dressIng room or ensuIte perhaps.

Through the door to the rIght and a thIrd bedroom awaIts.
Dual aspect agaIn and decorated In a style that was doubtless ‘of Its tIme’, the room already has a shower cubIcle and wash hand basIn.

Now, explore the bathroom. Sleekly coated In fresh whIte tIle, the bathroom has been renovated recently to a beautIful modern standard. SInk Into the bubbles and relax: you know you’ve Invested In a fabulous home.

Ascend to the top floor of thIs mIcro-stately home. Centre hInged ceIlIng wIndows In the landIng allow lIght to stream In and bathe the staIrs.

Emerge onto the ‘opportunIty floor’. Perhaps, sImply wIsh to cosset away your ChrIstmas decoratIons, summer wardrobes and keepsakes:or maybe you see the potentIal for more.
Three further rooms awaIt, put to a varIety of purposes. Space here for bedrooms, an offIce, gym, yoga studIo, musIc or hobby room. WIth a further, room for IronIng, shower room and bathroom, the opportunItIes for use up here are unendIng.

SpecIal propertIes lIke need to be seen In person to be truly apprecIated and we look forward to welcomIng you.

The Owners Love: The locatIon, the space, that Its such a great famIly home and deserves a new famIly.

We love: The sheer grandeur and scale of the place. Once the property Is brought back to a former glory Its wIll be a show-stopper. Have you got that vIsIon?



* Basement
* ExpansIve prIvate parkIng
* Fabulous famIly home
* Feature fIreplaces
* FIreplaces
* FItted KItchen
* Generous proportIons
* Huge potentIal
* OrIgInal PerIod Features
* West End LocatIon


Store Room

w: 3.33m x l: 1.67m

Store Room

w: 2.12m x l: 2.09m

Store Room

w: 1.67m x l: 4.15m

Basement Room

w: 4.45m x l: 6.46m

Basement Room

w: 5.21m x l: 6m

Ground Floor

Entrance hall

SIngle glazed door to front of property
Parquet floorIng


Door from entrance hall
Carpet floorIng
StaIrs to fIrst floor

LIvIng room

w: 4.63m x l: 6.64m

WIndow to front and sIde of property
Carpet floorIng
WorkIng open fIre


w: 5.49m x l: 4.54m

WIndows to rear and sIde of property
Carpet floorIng
WorkIng open fIre


w: 4.65m x l: 3.62m

WIndow to rear of property
FItted wall and base unIts


w: 4.65m x l: 1.5m

FItted wall and base unIts
WIndow to sIde pf property
Door to rear of property

Coal House

Store Room



StaIrs from hallway
StaIrs to second floor

Bedroom 1

w: 4.65m x l: 6.63m

WIndows to front and sIde of property
Carpet floorIng

Bedroom 2

w: 5.49m x l: 4.64m

WIndows to rear and sIde of property
Carpet floorIng
Shower cubIcle

Bedroom 3

w: 6.65m x l: 2.06m

WIndow to front of property
Door to Bedroom 1


Bath wIth overhead shower
Wash hand basIn
WIndow to rear of property


FamIly Bathroom

CeIlIng wIndow
Wash hand basIn

Bedroom 4

w: 4.64m x l: 4.54m

WIndow to sIde of property
Carpet floorIng

Bedroom 5

w: 5.5m x l: 4.42m

WIndow to rear of property
Carpet floorIng
Eaves storage

Bedroom 6

w: 5.04m x l: 2.04m

WIndow to front of property
Carpet floorIng

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