12 Bedroom Apartment for Sale in Pionsat

EUR 65,000
For Sale
12 Bedroom Apartment for Sale in Pionsat

Auv 656: Goodwill: hotel, restaurant and apartment
This hotel with 8 rooms and an apartment, is situated in the town centre of Pionsat, and is very well accessible.
The goodwill is for sale including all equipment, there is a commercial lease with the owner (€ 1.600 per month).
The property consists of 2 parts: the former house, which has a ground floor and 2 floors, and the long annex behind the house, which has a ground floor and 1 floor above.
The front door of the former house gives into the large hallway with the staircase leading to the other floors. To the right side there is the reception room of 13sqm, next there is the bar (19sqm) with an exterior door leading to the deck. To the left side of the hallway there is the large restaurant (60sqm) for 40 to 60 places. The annex contains the fully equipped kitchen (38sqm), and a second dining room (40sqm), currently used to serve breakfast or groups who want to dine separately. On the ground floor there are twice two toilets. Heights of 2m60 everywhere.
Above the kitchen and the second dining room, there is the private apartment, which can be used by the managers, or rented out separately.
This apartment is accessible by a staircase, consisting of a hallway (4,5sqm), a laundry room (6sqm), a cloakroom (4sqm), a living/dining room (29sqm), a separate toilet, a bathroom (6sqm) with bathtub, 2 bedrooms of each 12sqm and a kitchen 10sqm, not equipped at all, and currently used as a child’s bedroom.
Continuing to mount the stairs, you reach the first floor of the former house, with the first four hotel rooms. All rooms are grouped in pairs of 2, each pair having a separate small hallway. Room 1, for 2 persons, is 12sqm and has a shower room 5,5sqm. Room 2, also for 2 persons, is 14sqm and has a shower room of 4sqm. Room 3 is a family room, and has 2 rooms of 11sqm en 10sqm, with 2 double beds, a bathroom (4sqm) with shower and sink and separate toilet. Room 4, also a family room, is 2 times 11sqm, with 1 double bed and 2 single beds, a showerroom of 4sqm and a separate toilet. Throughout the first floor heights of 2m60.
The other 4 rooms are on the second floor. Room 5, for 2 persons, is 11sqm and has a shower room of 3,5sqm. Room 6, also for 2 persons, is 13sqm with a shower room of 5,5sqm. Room 7, a family room, is 11sqm and 12sqm, with 2 double beds and a shower room of 3,7sqm with a separate toilet. Room 8 is again 11sqm and 12sqm, also with 2 double beds and a shower room of 5,5sqm. Throughout this floor heights of maximum 2m50 (rooms partly underneath the roof).
There is also an apartment in the annex, accessible only by a terrace door in the garden. This house, situated underneath the second dining room, houses up to 5 persons and is fully equipped to accommodate disabled people. It consists of a large dining room/kitchen of 26sqm, with a sofa bed and a single bed, a equipped kitchen, a bathroom (6sqm) with walk-in shower and a bedroom (15sqm) with a double bed.
All rooms have a TV, a table with all necessities to make tea/coffee, and built-on cupboards. All bathrooms have showers.
Underneath the main building, there are the cellars! Arriving down the stairs there is a utility room (4sqm), a cold storage (2,8sqm) and a hall of 9,7sqm, used as storage. There are furthermore 3 doors, leading to a garage/laundry room of 38sqm, with the heating room (11sqm) for the central heating next to it, to another garage of 50sqm with 2 garage doors, and a basement of 32sqm. Heights of 2m10 throughout the basements.
The rooms have been completely renovated a few years ago, and are in impeccable condition. The equipment is very completely and corresponds to the current standards: electricity, central heating on fuel (also providing warm sanitary water), ADSL, connected to the main sewerage, double-glazing everywhere. Annual energetic cost: approximately €9000 electricity and fuel combined.
Parking space besides and in front of the house.
For those who want to develop a hotel activity, this is a beautiful opportunity! No work to be done, ready to be handed over!

This property is located in Pionsat, Auvergne

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