Four Alternative Summer Holiday Destinations For Those Who Don’t Like Sun

Four Alternative Summer Holiday Destinations For Those Who Don’t Like Sun

Now when it comes to Summer most people imagine translucent beaches, cool refreshments and plenty of sun. Sometimes though we do feel like we need to escape from the heat just for a while if need be. A chance to escape from the portable fans, air conditioning units and sore sunburns. Hike through glaciers, traverse through birch forests, ski in exotic locations and have possibly the most summer exciting trip this year… away from the sun!

An Adventure in Greenland


For those thrill seekers looking for a new adventure, Greenland is the place to explore. This snowy island is located directly between the North Atlantic and the Arctic ocean. Tourists can go on guided tours traversing through the mountains, glaciers, rivers and icebergs. Each tour varies in difficulties and length so make sure you do your research before-hand. If however this isn’t for you, you can enjoy a helicopter tour around the island and still enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Or get a cruise around the island visiting Inuit communities and looking for sighting of whales and polar bears.

Hiking the Haute Route


Perfect for hikers seeking for a new adventure across unfamiliar terrain the Haute Route is found between Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Swizterland. Enjoy the beauty of the European Alps as you traverse through the scenic terrain in mild temperatures by either foot or ski. There is another Route known as the “walkers route” which stays below 3,000 meters. This route passes through the villages and luxury hotels such as the fiver star Hotel Mont-blanc found in Chamonix. Or if you fancy something more authentic though visit Iglu Dork in Zermatt. Iglu Dork is an igloo village which is rebuilt every winter. Enjoy the star covered skies during your midnight adventure whilst enjoying a night hot glass of mulled wine. Who said you needed the sun to enjoy summer?

The Snowy Mountains of Patagonia


Patagonia is known for its mountainous region complete with majestic landscapes including national parks such as the iconic Los Glaciares, El Calafate and El Chalten. Have the perfect retreat with luxury hotels, spas, and breathe taking scenery. Hike through waterfalls, rock climb or ride horseback. There is something here for every one in Patagonia. Follow the Dinosaur route, an area where many palaeontologists claim lies the skeletons of the biggest Dinosaurs to ever walk our planet. Once finished enjoy skiing or snowboarding along some of the best pistes known in South America including Caviahue, Cerro Castor and world famous La Hoya. Skiing conditions in this area are usually best suited between the months of July and August just in case you want to know the ideal time to book your visit.

Norway and the Arctic Circle

The Northern Lights

Norway is known for is huge array of winter sports. the most popular of which being cross country skiing. This is due to the country’s topography which caters for all levels from advanced to beginners. There are however many other activities including snowshoeing, dogsledding and even bobsledding in the Norwegian Olympic park. Many of the hotels across Olso are “high mountain hotels” giving access to more private and remote land. Enjoy the artic wildness and marvel at the glory of Norway’s natural landscape including the northern lights. Visit Kirkenes home to the unique snow hotel with art work built completely out of ice and snow. The hotel itself is rebuilt every winter for the following year the temperature within the hotel is between -4 to -5 degrees. If your’e interested in going, make sure not to pack many layers!

So this year don’t worry about parasols, sun cream, being forced to the beach, sitting in your car with your air condition on full, or dramatically running for the nearest piece of shade. Instead go and do something different from the norm, why wait till Christmas when you can have your own winter wonderland today!

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