Five Unique European Startups to Watch Out For in 2017

Five Unique European Startups to Watch Out For in 2017

Europe is home to many amazing start-up companies and everyday more and more business ideas finally make it to launch.

Madrid and Barcelona make it into the top 15 biggest start up cities in Europe, here we take a look at the top unique start-ups to watch out for in 2017.

Even though Spain as a country lagging in comparison to other European start-up ecosystems it’s very important to mention these start-ups as they have a unique approach and are set to become important players in their field.

The Wonder trip

The Wonder trips aim is to create a very unusual travel experience compared to the traditional concept. They offer great deals for a fixed affordable price, however travelers don’t know where they will be travelling to until 48 hours before departure.


VizEat is Europe’s largest immersive food experience platform. Travellers and local hosts can use the application to discover and share meals, like dinners, as well as cooking classes, food tours, wine tasting and much more, all over the world. VizEat allows travellers greater authentic cultural insight dinning as a local. It has been called the AirBnb for food.

TokApp School

TokApp is a mobile messaging application which allows parents and students to communicate with schools more safely and effectively using instant messenger. Schools have a great secure way of communicating.


Typeform is a fast growing tech start-up based in Barcelona. They aim to create better experiences when using online forms. For example you can create forums, surveys, quizzes with a twist. Colourful, interesting, awesome designs which allow for a more interactive, fun experience. is a web tool used to create engaging interactive visual content. The company is based in Cordóba, Spain and is there to help people with very little or no programming skills. You can easily create pictures, videos, presentations and animations. Anyone can use and can achieve the same results as someone who can program.

These start-ups have displayed incredible strength and performance with great innovation. Let’s see what the future holds for them and what the future holds for all start-ups not only in Europe but globally too.

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