Choosing The Best Alternative to State Education in Spain

Choosing The Best Alternative to State Education in Spain

According to a 2016 report from the Queen Sofia Centre on Adolescence and Youth, the Balearic Islands has the lowest educational index in Europe. These figures have become a worrying factor for parents who wish to put their children into the next school year. My cousin, for example, she has been considering alternative choices that could give her daughter the best education available.

International schools are one of the most popular option. Many advantages accompany this choice such as the education being delivered in English, or the native language of the school. This could enhance the child’s future as it will contribute to bilingualism. This broadens the options for further education in other countries, enhances the characteristic of flexibility, and develops a stronger executive function of the brain. The main disadvantage of international schools is that they are fee – paying. Many of the schools have tuition fees exceeding 1,000 Euros per month. In addition to having high fees, international schools tend to be selective, requiring grades from previous school education and an entry assessment test.

Private schools in Spain are quite common, with most of them be co-educational Catholic day schools. They follow the Spanish state-school curriculum, however, they tend to have less school leavers than public state schools and smaller classrooms, providing more individual attention to each student. In general, private schools in Spain have lower fees compared to other countries, but these vary considerably to the quality, reputation, and location of a school.

For those who are disillusioned with any sort of education, home education is a real alternative. In recent years, it has taken a rise in Europe, although many countries consider it to be illegal, or to be damaging to the child’s educational and social advancement. Many adopt this option whether it be for religious reasons, concern about the school’s environment, or just desiring to give the child a different kind of educational system.

The decision about where your child goes to school should not been taken lightly as it will determine your child’s future. It is important to know that there are options available that can suit every parent’s own requirements.

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