Bilingual Children, The Citizens of a Better Future

Bilingual Children, The Citizens of a Better Future

We live in a world that is constantly changing at an alarming rate, every year we advance more and more through technology, medicine and science.

However, though we have advanced in some aspects of the world, in others we have not. Every day the world faces huge problems, problems over religion, money, disagreements, war and being unable to understand one another.

We are constantly being separated and told how different we are. Could bilingual children be the key reconnecting the world?

Being bilingual can enable you to meet new people, have conversations in new places and understand how another country and culture lives.

What we know about bilingualism is changing, as recent scientific studies has revealed amazing cognitive benefits which happen to the brain when speaking another language fluently.

Science has discovered that being bilingual creates more white matter in the brain and a growing study suggests that lifelong bilingualism is associated with delayed diagnosis of dementia.

These new findings are an incredible step into discovering more about the human brain and how being bilingual affects dementia on an ageing brain. But how does this affect bilingual children?

Well studies also found that bilingual children were better problem solvers and better communicators than monolingual children, that they are better at adapting to situations and were more open minded.

When children speak two languages they open a door to a different world. How a different country communicates, to what they eat, to what their cultures are. Maybe bilingual children can help reconnect the world?

A world where we are less ignorant, more understanding and more compassionate to one another. A world where we can fight terrible illnesses such as dementia with the power of our minds. A better future for all. Only time will tell.

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