9 Simple Tips to Finding a Job Abroad

9 Simple Tips to Finding a Job Abroad

Whether you are moving abroad for good and looking for a new career or simply travelling to a foreign country and looking for some work experience, finding a job overseas is not always easy.

Apart from the cultural differences, there can be language barriers, legalities of visas and work work permits.

The search alone can be an adventure, but don’t despair, nothing should stop you. As they say, ‘where there is will, there is way’ so let’s get you started.

After talking to dozens of expats about their experiences, I managed to put together a short and simple list of the most popular tips to help you in finding a job abroad.

  1. Update your CV and keep copies on you
  2. Attend networking events and join local expat groups
  3. Use Google to get the facts about working abroad
  4. Start with an internship or a trainee program
  5. Check local discussion forums and classified ads websites
  6. Don’t miss out on LinkedIn to connect with professionals locally
  7. Join local groups on Facebook and don’t be shy to ask for advice
  8. Make sure your passport is valid and you have the necessary work visa
  9. Try plan B: Start your own business, teach English or work from home

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