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10 Best Reasons Why Studying Abroad Is The Most Amazing Thing You Can Do While Young

20 Best Reasons Why Studying Abroad Is The Most Amazing Thing You Can Do While Young


10 Best Reasons Why Studying Abroad Is The Most Amazing Thing You Can Do While Young

Studying abroad is most probably going to be the most amazing thing you can do while you are young. There are surely countless reasons why studying abroad is a great lifestyle and career enhancing opportunity; here you have the 20 best reasons to jump start your decision:

  1. Learn a foreign language or perfect it like a local: When studying abroad you not only get the opportunity to learn a language in the classroom, but also in real life interaction with locals; the best and most efficient way to learn a language. Learn the local dialect, accent, traditions and ways of living – priceless.
  2. Gain a new appreciation for your home country: Sometimes getting away from it all can help to gain perspective. Depending on where you are from and where you decide to study can bring you a whole new way of seeing things and appreciating where you come from.
  3. Explore new things that will enrich your life: Trying an exotic restaurant in your home town is one thing; eating local food when abroad in an exotic place is on a whole new level, providing rich insight into culture and heritage of other countries.
  4. Meet interesting new people that will spice up your life: Studying abroad is one of those moments in life where you will meet endless people, some will be great, others not so but all will bring something new to your life that will be worth it.
  5. Have the time of your life and never forget it: When you are abroad you will embark upon adventures that offer not just a priceless experience but a long lasting memory that you will be able to talk about for years to come.
  6. Learn to become self-sufficient and independent: Being away from home, in a foreign country, will take your self-management, responsibility and sense of awareness to new highs. What is part of growing up, gets enhanced and amplified when you go abroad to study.
  7. Build up a lifelong network of friends and professional contacts: Apart from meeting people when you are in another country, a study abroad experience will put you in touch with other students, teachers and often also working professionals that can be put on your Rolodex of personal and professional contacts.
  8. Stand out from the crowd when applying for a job: In today’s overcrowded job seeking world, everything that can help you stand out when applying for a job is worth gold; having studied abroad is one of those. Make it clear what you learnt, what you experienced and how it provided value to yourself as a person and professional that can be of vital importance in the workplace.
  9. Get a job while studying abroad that you would never do back home: While at home you may be in a social structure or family environment where not every work experience is necessary or worth the hassle, when living abroad you come across amazing opportunities that you would never take up back home. Do some English teaching, or work as a PR for a bar or club, translate for a company or simply join in on something that is typical of the region where you go.
  10. Anything you do abroad will look fantastic on your CV: If you are abroad and decide to learn something outside of your academic studies, include it in your CV. If you helped out at a local NGO or participated in something unique abroad, it will make your CV glow.

Have I missed something? Have you studied abroad recently? What is the greatest reason why you decided to study abroad? Share your story!

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